Consider This - Firefighters

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

When we have a situation like the recent wildfires it makes you realize how fortunate we are to have fire, law enforcement and rescue personnel trained and prepared to respond in times of emergency. It is so easy to take these groups for granted and look to those areas for reductions when the economy tanks and budget cuts are necessary.

Consider This: These resources are critical and fire, rescue and emergency divisions should be the last area where cuts are considered.

If trimming these divisions is an option then the past week should reinforce and remind us how important these services are and eliminate any consideration for reducing the resources to these vital agencies.

Today we say Thank You to the firefighters, the forestry teams, law enforcement and all the other emergency personnel who played a part in battling these wildfires. We also want to thank the families - it is their support that is so critical in allowing these men and women to serve. It's easy for us to forget that you go to work every day to protect us and we want you to know we sincerely appreciate what you do.

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