Does It Work: HandySwitch

By Jeff Jumper - bio | email

(KPLC) - The HandySwitch is a battery operated wireless switch that claims to control any lamp, from anywhere, in any room.

The HandySwitch looks like your typical household switch, but there's no need to call for an electrician to install it. The HandySwitch is a two-part wireless device with a switch that transmits a signal to a receiver which plugs into your standard home outlet.

The battery operated switch comes with a special size 23A battery. After opening the package, we followed the instructions and plugged the receiver into the outlet, followed by the lamp plug.

We ensured the lamp switch was on, and we were ready to flip on the HandySwitch transmitter. The switch was in working order from close proximity.

We attempted to test the switch form outside the building, with some glass and concrete and brick walls in-between - the light was 20-30 feet away.  And it works.

The switch holds up to the claims of working through walls, so we continued to test the switch from locations throughout the office. The packaging also boasts a long range from the transmitter switch to the receiver.

We wanted to test the limit of this HandySwitch. It claims it will work up to 60 feet away from the receiver, so we've measured that out in the hallways. And it does.

The receiver has a blue nightlight that is active when the switch is off and there's power to the outlet. Once the switch is turned on, the nightlight deactivates.

The HandySwitch comes with a wall mount bracket and an adhesive strip. We mounted the bracket to the wall and installed the receiver on our lamp, where it worked again with ease. The switch can easily be removed and relocated to fit your needs.

It looks like the HandySwitch turned out to be a bright idea, so it flips the switch on a "Yes" for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  We found the HandySwitch on store shelves selling for about $9.99.

Here are few online extras before you decide to buy the HandySwitch: We did not test the battery life on the HandySwitch. According to the packaging, the switch is designed primarily for lamps and should not be used to power an extension cord. The receiver only fits a two pronged cord, not a three prong grounded cord. The maximum safe load for the HandySwitch is 300 watts, and the receiver plug is designed only for indoor use. You can use multiple HandySwitches in the same area, as each transmitter switch and receiver is labeled with a unique serial code that matches, so you can track which switch goes with each device.

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