Does It Work: Aqua Globes

(WMBF) - Millions of potted plants are in full bloom across the country, but is there a way to keep plants thriving without the daily hassle of watering them?  One product promises there is.

The product - Aqua Globes.  It's a new tool promising to automatically water your plants up to two weeks, but does it work?

Luella Thompson says overall, she gives the product an average grade of a B, and says despite the globes being extremely fragile, it's a great tool to keep her plants alive while she goes away on vacation.

"I could see where it would go in two weeks," she said.

Aqua Globes claims to keep plants watered and moist for up to two weeks, but Thompson found out quickly that the product worked better in moist soil rather than in dry.

"It was 10 days before I had to water again, so I think they work really good in a moist pot, but not in a dry pot," Thompson noted.

But before Thompson gave the product a passing grade, she did notice one flaw - how fragile the glass globe is.  Product packaging warns the globes are fragile, but Thompson didn't even have the product for two weeks before it began to break.

In the end, Thompson watered down the grade from an 'A' to a 'B.'

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