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Straight from the Top - 4/17

Every week, WMBF News Director Matt Miller responds to viewer comments and emails in this week's edition of Straight from the Top.

Below is this week's unedited comment from Joanne.

Hi Mr. Miller,

I just want to share my feeling on your daily newscasts.

First of all, I have no problems with the reporters, anchors or news content.  But, I do not watch these programs for one reason, and that I hate all the scrolling on the bottom of my T.V. screen.  I find it VERY distracting.  

Some people my like this, but I find it annoying.  Maybe you could have a poll and see how other viewers feel.  If the majority of them do like it , then so be it, but at least you would have an opinion on the "clutter" on the bottom of our T.V. screens.

Thanks for your time.

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