Does It Work: Slap Chop

By Lauren Keith - bio | email

(KFVS) - Just when I thought there were enough choppers on the market, here's the latest.
Dale Humphries agreed to help us dice the Slap Chop. We thought we'd start simple with a soft, boiled egg.
"It's all stuck up in there," Dale commented.
However, we don't count that against the chopper just yet because we easily scraped it off with a fork, and the Slap Chop did live up to its promise of easy clean-up.
Onto the next try with mixed nuts.
"Wow, everything but the almond," Dale said. "It did a pretty good job."
I'd say very good job, especially when we use the Slap Chop's cap. This way, you can collect the finely chopped nuts and sprinkle them on your food, if you like.
The Slap Chop also fared well when we combined foods, just like the commercial shows. We put tuna and pickles together to prep for a tuna salad sandwich.
Our now chopped carrots will top a salad nicely, too, but just when we think this chopper will ace our test, we see the commercial shows half an onion, with the skin on. And just like that, the Slap Chop almost falls off the table and half-an-onion is completely stuck in the blades. It's going to take some major slapping to get this chopped.
Half a pepper got mutiliated in this thing, too.
So we wonder if this works better when you go ahead and slice down some of your bigger vegetables before slicing it.
That theory worked when we cut a clove of garlic and then chopped it.
But, if I have to slice it, is it worth the trouble?" Dale asked.
That's a good point. You'll need a little strength for this spring-based chopper, and bigger pieces of food don't seem to work as well as others, but overall Dale likes the Slap Chop.
The chopper guard sometimes shifts out of place, and I question how long this $25 chopper will last, but for now, it chops its way to a good 'B' on this Does it Work test.

I bought the Slap Chop online.

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