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By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

We love hearing from you when you share your comments regarding our comments. So here are some of Your Viewpoints.

In response to our Wal-Mart commentary BHMyrtleBeach wrote:

"This is absolutely hilarious. I'm excited about the fact that another Wal-Mart is able to enter the community and externalize all of their costs to the taxpayers. Thank you Wal-Mart for flooding our market with low income wages, limited full-time positions, and poor health benefits. By the way, thanks for destroying all those extra trees on both sides of your lot. We're super excited to have you!"

Darlington Raceway officials recently announced that the race has an economic impact of over $54 million; we feel we are fortunate to have the race and were excited to hear it brings in so much revenue.

Alma shares this feedback:

"Excuse me; you say that this is a good thing for Darlington. Do you mean all that noise and traffic??? You know like the city of Myrtle Beach during bike week. Make up your mind Ted. Tourist moneys are either a good thing or they are not you can't have it both ways. You need to stand by your convictions not shift like a politician in the wind..."

Alma, to me it's never been about the noise. In fact, personally I love seeing all the bikes, and the race cars. The thing that bothers me is the people who come here with complete disrespect for our communities. You know, the debauchery, public sex acts, leaving restaurants and convenience stores without paying for their service. Other than that I love seeing all the bikers and appreciate the money generated by the events and welcome the bikers who respect our communities and the people who live here.

And finally, regarding our suggestion that we need a no-smoking policy and increased cigarette taxes in the Carolinas, Robert wrote:

"While this segment is called the LOCAL VIEWPOINT, I don't think everyone who works for the station will agree with the viewpoint that was stated. There are more than enough restaurants and such that have gone non-smoking. I think it should be up to the BUSINESS owner on whether an establishment allows smoking or doesn't. Just as there is a sign on many businesses stating no smoking allowed, a sign that smoking is permitted can be just as easily placed. Then if you do not wish to be effected by someone else's smoke you simply don't cater to that establishment."

Robert, here's one thing I can guarantee: you're exactly right when you say not everyone at the station agrees with these Viewpoints. And there are many people who have the same opinion you share regarding smoking policies. From seeing the positive results in state's who have enacted statewide smoking bans we do believe it would be best to have a statewide ban rather than a hodgepodge of bans in various cities across the Carolinas.

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