Does It Work: Pet Fur Removers

By Lauren Keith - bio | email

Two new pet hair removal products are on the market. Both are comparable in price, but does one work better than the other, and are they any better than your average lint roller?

We head to the groomer's office for the answer.

The new Pledge Fabric Sweeper promises its "side to side" sweeping action sucks up the hair, and the velcro on the Scotch Fur Fighter is supposed to "take the fur off your furniture." In fact, it even says it picks up three times more fur than a lint roller.

"It's got a lot of hair on it," Jessica Dohogne commented as she usee the Pledge Fabric Sweeper.

I told Dohogne to not clean any of the fur left behind from her clients at Teresa's Tenderheart Grooming in Scott City, and she heeled.

First, both products work equally well picking up fur and cat hair on the canvas couch cushions, but as soon as we start trying each on the cat bed, the Pledge product sweeps a victory. You can definitely see the Scotch Fur Fighter is leaving hair behind on the black material.

"That's definitely not picking up three times more than a lint roller, that's for sure," Jessica said.

Some of the fur isn't sticking to the gadget either.

"Yeah, well, it just knocked that off on the floor," Jessica noted.

The true comparison test comes when we section off the office chair, right after Spot the cat gave it one last good dose of fur.

First, the Pledge Fabric Sweeper picked up lots of cat hair.

Before we use the Scotch Fur Fighter, it's time to add a new sheet. The velcro-like material does pick up, but perhaps a little too much because we've almost used all five sheets in the starter kit. Plus, it's back to knocking the fur to the floor again.

The lint roller does a little better, but Jessica has to change its sheet out, too.

"I am definitely liking the Pledge product better," she said.

Jessica liked how the Pledge Fabric Sweeper swept right over the the pillow cushion with ease, sucking up fur in its path, while the Scotch Fur Fighter sucked it up, but also threw back some fur.

"I'm going to get what the Scotch left behind with the lint roller," she laughed.

Refills for the Scotch 3M Fur Fighter cost the same as replacing the $5 disposable Pledge Fabric Sweeper, so they're certainly comparable in price. It definitely picks up hair, but it also sweeps some to the side.

So, the 3M Scotch Fur Fighter sticks with a 'C' on our report.

Before the Pledge Fabric Sweeper aces our test, another groomer, Teresa, points this out: "I'd knock it down because if you have a dog with fleas, you rub this on it, and those eggs hatch inside the product. Then you use it again, and they come back out on your furniture."

So, if fleas are a problem in your home, you might not want this. Otherwise, it should last you awhile. Still, the lint roller will work better on clothing, but we do like the Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pets. It gets a B.

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