Does It Work: Furniture Sliders

By Jeff Jumper - bio | email

(KPLC) - John Ware can barely contain himself and exclaims: "Let's slide some furniture.  I'm pumped!"

The furniture slider is plastic on one side and foam on the opposite.  The package comes with 12 sliders in various shapes and sizes (four long rectangular, four small circles, and four large circles) for virtually any move.

First up, they attempt to move a computer desk. They wedge a slider under each corner end, and make the move. It seems simple enough.

Despite the desk falling apart, the sliders do work to move the desk. The sliders made it easier to move, but some did slide out from underneath the desk. Unfortunately, this desk was not very sturdy.

"OK, my slider came off again," John said during the move. "But fortunately it slides well enough on the carpet without the slider."

With the desk moved, albeit broken, the large filing cabinet was next on the list.

"We're going to try and get these long plastic sliders underneath the edges of these filing cabinets," John explained. "Hopefully, it's going to have enough weight, so it doesn't come out of there like the desk did."

Adding more sliders allowed us to move the cabinet a little more freely. However, a simple bump in the carpet slid us to a halt. Some four-legged items, as well as the smaller items, were able to be moved with little effort.

The sliders work best when the pressure points are more concentrated like at the bottom of the four legs of a piano, rather than a flat surface like the bottom of a filing cabinet.

"Kind of a pain, but moving furniture is always a pain," John concluded. "I think the added weight of the extra donut may have been what put it over the top, but I'm not crazy about the way they slide out from underneath there. If you have carpet, it's definitely much easier to move the heavy thing with them. Not bad, it works!"

Furniture Sliders glide their way to a Yes for this week's "Does it Work?" test. We picked up a 12 pack of furniture sliders for $5.99 plus tax. John and I agree the furniture sliders would be a back-saving addition to some wheels or a dolly in to a mover's toolbox, since they don't solve every moving dilemma.

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