Does It Work: Instant Egg Peeler

(KFVS) - The Instant Egg Peeler promises it will help you "shell eggs like magic." Simply place a hard-boiled egg inside, and watch it pop out of its shell.

Julie Rush spotted the gadget and wants to "try it before you buy it."

The Instant Egg Peeler is supposed to slip on your sink faucet automatically, but my tester and I are having a hard time just getting started. It looks like a rubber "funnel" you slip onto the faucet.

We get the contraption on.  Let's hope it shells an egg much quicker than its assembly.

The instructions say to gently tap the hard-boiled egg on both ends, and then peel enough shell away for two small holes. Tear the shell's membrane or sack-like coating, so the egg can slip on through.

Next, slip the small end of the egg into the Instant Peeler and turn the water on and off in short bursts. Just about the time we start to crack from all these instructions, the peeler falls off the faucet.

Let me throw one more tid-bit at you. A few days before this test, I noticed, in fine print, this device supposedly works best on eggs that have been boiled seven days prior. Seven days.

That's not very convenient.

So we have some hard-boiled eggs that are five days old, but  that's not doing the trick. We also have eggs cooked in a more realistic setting: Some boiled the night before, and a few with steam still rolling off after just coming off the stove top.

"Still same results," Julie said. "Nothing works."

Julie's daughter, Elizabeth, tries on the "day-old" eggs. No luck. I make an even bigger hole on each end of the freshly boiled eggs, practically peeling the whole thing in the process, and that doesn't work either.

The peeler slips off the faucet again.

But we're not giving up. Julie even takes the nozzle off her faucet hoping this contraption will work then. Then the egg falls out of it.

Julie's 3-year-old son Kennedy almost has an egg peeled while we deal with this.

I paid $5 for the peeler from, and the same amount just to ship it here. That $10 price tag is smelling pretty rotten to me.

Not only did the farm fresh brown eggs bust on this, but so did store-bought white eggs when I used this peeler at the station. We had pretty high water pressure in both cases, too.

It didn't matter. Nothing worked.

So, maybe we're missing something here, but the Instant Egg Peeler seems to be one bad egg. It cracks an F on this Does It Work test.

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