Shari's first Sensa blog

When I first heard about the Sensa diet sprinkles, I was very intrigued by the idea.  Although I do try to be conscious of what I eat at times, I don't have much motivation to work out -- so I thought these sprinkles would be the perfect solution.

I'm the type of person who generally only goes to the gym if I'm going with someone else -- I think the guilt of not wanting to let someone else down makes me want to get up and go.  But, if not for that, I generally don't exercise that often -- which I know is bad.

So, when I started using the diet sprinkles, I was excited because I thought I would lose weight with very little effort.  I could still eat what I want, when I want, and just add these sprinkles to do the trick.

I even went online and researched the product.  I found lots of testimonials from other trial users saying that it was a "miracle product" or that they had lost a lot of weight.  I read countless ones that said the average amount of weight lost among participants was 30 pounds.  I remember thinking to myself, "Wow, if that's the average, that means half of the people lost more weight than that ... and maybe I'll lose even more weight than that."

With that being said, I realize that's a little unrealistic.  In the first month, I haven't had any success with the Sensa diet sprinkles.  To be honest, I've actually gained weight.  I think that may be in part because I wasn't watching what I'm eating as closely.  I know I thought that I could eat whatever I wanted and still lose the weight.  I think using the sprinkles has made me less conscious of my daily choices and food intake -- and that's definitely not a good thing.

If you're wondering how the product works, they are basically little white sprinkles that look like powdered sugar.  They are completely tasteless, so you can put them on any kind of food (just not in drinks).  I can't taste any difference when I put them on food, but other participants I've talked to say they taste a little bit like metal.  I guess that's all up to personal interpretation.

One thing I have noticed, however, is that once I put them on my food, it kind of discourages me from eating the food because it looks like there is something on it that isn't supposed to be.  For example, I made spaghetti for dinner one night and then put the diet sprinkles on top of it -- and it bothered me so much that I couldn't even eat the spaghetti.  It looked like powdered sugar on top of spaghetti sauce, and it just grossed me out so much that I lost my appetite.

In addition to that experience, I must admit that I've had some interesting encounters in public when I've been using the product.  When I've gone out to eat dinner with friends, they all know that I'm using the product, so they aren't bothered by it.  But, when I've sprinkled it on my food and then the waiter or waitress comes back to check on the table, I've gotten questions nearly every time.  They all wonder what I've done to distort the food -- and whether I have some type of food allergy or specific dietary need.

Despite my lack of success in this first month trial, I'm still anxious to see what the overall outcome is.  I haven't lost hope in the sprinkles yet.  After all, it is a six month trial period, so I'm not even close to being finished.  I think that if I used the product and watch my food choices a little more closely, that might be the perfect combination for my weight loss.  Stay tuned -- and we'll see how much things change by next month!

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