Local Viewpoint - Florence Improvements

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

There is some great news coming out of Florence this week with the announcement of funding for construction of two projects that will benefit the entire region.

The city is moving forward with construction of a Francis Marion Performing Arts Center which will add to the revitalization of downtown Florence and a new municipal tennis complex that will allow the city to host major tennis events.

Mayor Stephen Wukela, only a few months into his first term as mayor, said: "We look forward to achieving those two goals, both revitalizing downtown and raising the level of cultural quality here in the City of Florence, at the same time."

Jerry Keith Jr., a local Florence resident, added, "You can always see with these tournaments the people that are coming to Florence restaurants and hotels. It's just a good thing to bring people into Florence."

That's exactly right, Jerry. Some projects may not always work out as planned, but we believe in this case the phrase "build it and they will come" certainly applies.

Congratulations Florence on these exciting projects. We look forward to the grand openings in 2010.

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