Does It Work? Incoco Dry Nail Applique

By Lauren Keith

(KFVS) - The Walgreens-only Incoco Dry Nail Applique sure does make applying your own French manicure look easy, and if this dry nail applique works, it could save you some money at the nail salon.

Dianna Todt and Marilyn Proffer "tipped" me off on this product.

"We're going to have Marilyn wipe her hands off with the polish remover inside the kit," Dianna instructed.

That's key.

Meantime, Incoco Dry Nail Applique isn't a set of stick-on nails. Instead, it's more like stick on nail polish. It's actual dry nail polish that goes on like a hard-core sticker.

You must prepare your nails first. Wipe off any previous nail polish, push back your cuticles, and buff your nails. All of the tools you need are in the $6 kit.

Dianna wants to apply the pale pink Incoco polish to Marilyn's hands. The package comes with two sets of nails - enough to last you a month, if it works.

"Just take your finger, rub it all in, file the end of it, and snap it off," Dianna demonstrated.

And just like that, it covers Marilyn's nails quite nicely. Of course, everybody's nails are different, so keep that in mind. She has no problem appying it herself.

If you accidentally place the dry polish in the wrong spot, you can easily do it again, but before you file it off.

So, is the French manicure just as easy?

She first applies the white tip, then the overlay - she has an instant French manicure she applied herself. And the best part is her nails aren't even wet. No drying time needed here.

Dianna likes these nails so much, she offers to give me a French manicure.

"I think the two of us will be a true test to see if they stay on for two weeks," Dianna commented.

I think so, too. Dianna is doing lots of renovations and remodeling to her business, and Marilyn is a nurse. She wears latex gloves daily and uses her hands in almost every task at work.

Two weeks later: "Mine are still great," Dianna said. "I broke one fingernail."

The Incoco stayed in place. She just filed and repaired it, and her nails still look salon-fresh.

Meantime, because Marilyn is a busy nurse, we had a hard time coordinating schedules for her before and after, but Dianna said, "She did have a few cracks in her's, but the polish stayed on."

Mine, on the other hand, look pretty good. One nail did come completely off, thanks to my new puppy who chews everything in sight. You'll notice a few knicks here and there - same reason. Dianna fared better.

"I stripped wallpaper, I scrubbed floors, I painted - I did everything," Dianna said, happily. "It weathered all that."

So she's ready to give these nails a straight A, but admits she'll still go to the salon for that extra pampering and special touches.

I agree this is a great quick fix, and you can't beat the $5-$6 price tag. I will knock it down a little, simply because if you don't seal the package tightly, your second set of nails will dry out, and that defeats the purpose of the cheap price tag.

So, Incoco Dry Nail Applique shines brightly with an A-minus on this Does it Work test.  You can only buy it at Walgreens and