Local Viewpoint - Reject the Recession

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

The economy has been dominating the news the past few months and unfortunately it has been more negative than positive. Although we may not be able to control that the AIG folks are getting huge bonuses when their business is floundering, or help Gov. Sanford come to his senses and realize we're going to have to pay back the stimulus money regardless... so take the money, help our state and quit playing politics, we can control our attitude.

In our local view, we think a positive attitude is certainly more productive than a doom and gloom negative point of view. This is not to suggest there are not real challenges out there - there are and we get that. We just think we are more likely to rebound faster by looking for opportunities for success rather than dwelling on the bad.

So WMBF News, in partnership with Duplicates Ink, is launching an ongoing campaign we've labeled "Reject the Recession." This campaign will encourage everyone to Shop Local... Eat Local... Play Local... Live Local...

Over the coming weeks you will hear more about this campaign and find out how you can join the RTR movement. We're offering a Reject the Recession kit FREE to 250 local businesses to inform their customers that they refuse to participate in the recession. In return we're merely asking the businesses to offer some type of recession busting deal... a discount, rebate or special offer for their local customers.

We are also making the commitment to find positive stories, showing how our local friends and neighbors are doing their part to Reject the Recession, and we'll showcase those stories during WMBF News and online at www.wmbfnews.com. If you know of someone who is helping others through these tough times or doing something special to create a positive spirit please share those stories with our news team.

Will our Reject the Recession campaign help? Who knows. But we know one thing: it certainly won't hurt. We'll do our best to manage the things that are in our control, and our attitude falls into that category. Join us in our Reject the Recession campaign. If we all work towards making things better now, we'll rebound ahead of the curve instead of at the back of the pack. As Martha Stewart would say, "That's a good thing!"

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