Bartering grows in popularity

(WBTV) - Chris Russell has a problem: His teeth are in bad shape, some rotting right out of his mouth.

"I have one tooth that's absesed and I really need to get it fixed soon," Russell said, pointing out the problem.

But with the dental work he needs estimated to cost about $18,000, Chris is turning to Craigslist for help. He hopes he can barter his skills as a stone mason for dental work.

"I'll fix whatever you want fixed in your house if you fix what I need fixed in my mouth," Russell said.

Hundreds of people barter goods on Craigslist. In the Myrtle Beach area alone, more than 100 posts have been added since the end of February, offering everything from tanning packages to home cleaning services.

Chris is still waiting for someone to answer his post, which he calls a good deal.

"Putting in a stone counter top would run someone more than $3,000 plus labor, but I'll do it for free if you can fix my teeth," Russell explained.

He's hope someone responds soon.

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