Horry County Suspect Search

Deputies investigating multiple vehicle break-ins in Georgetown County neighborhood

Deputies are investigating after receiving multiple reports of breaking and entering into vehicles Monday morning in the Belle Isle area of Georgetown County, according to a news release from the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office.

One killed Saturday morning in crash off S.C. 905

According to SCHP officials the crash happened around 12:50 a.m. on S.C. 905 outside of Conway. The driver was headed southbound before driving off the road, overcorrecting and striking a ditch. Officials say the driver was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash.

Sidney Moorer transferred to Horry County Detention Center

Sidney Moorer has been transferred to the J. Reuben Long Detention Center as his wife’s trial on charges of kidnapping and conspiracy to commit kidnapping in connection with the disappearance of Heather Elvis continues this week.

Suspect Search: One is charged with stealing purses, another with assault and battery

She's charged with shoplifting and getting away with quite the loot. He's charged with assault and battery in the first, second and third degree. Two suspects are on the loose, let's see if you can help authorities catch them.

SUSPECT SEARCH: One is charged with hiding crack in her bra, another with hit-and-run

Two women are on the loose this week.  Police say one hid crack in her bra while in the presence of her two children. The second suspect is charged with a hit-and-run with damage and unlawful use of a phone. Here's your chance to help authorities.

SUSPECT SEARCH: One allegedly stole cash, the other is charged with stealing guns

They're both charged with burglary. One suspect is accused of stealing cash, while a second is charged with stealing guns. See if you can help authorities find this week's suspects.

SUSPECT SEARCH: One is charged with manufacturing meth, another is facing domestic violence charges

A traffic stop on a moped leads to a whole lot more, plus she's charged with hitting her suspect in the nose twice.  See if you can help authorities find them.

Suspect Search: One man is charged following a fight, another is accused of receiving stolen goods

One suspect is charged with roughing up his victim because he thought that victim stole some of his drugs. A second suspect was hired as a handyman, but the victim says the suspect's hands were used for stealing his personal momentos. See if you can help authorities track them down.

Suspect Search: Authorities on the hunt for two men wanted for unlawful possession, battery

On this week's Horry County Suspect Search, one suspect is wanted for assault and Battery, and the other is wanted for unlawful carrying of a gun. The Horry County Sheriff's Office needs the public's help in tracking them down.

Suspect Search: On the hunt for two shoplifting suspects

They want the goods but don't want to pay the price. Check out these shoplifters on the run in this week's Horry County Suspect Search.

Horry County Suspect Search seeks suspects wanted for various charges

Three suspects are being featured in this week's Horry County Suspect Search.