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  Embrace a Veteran: Two Air Force veterans honored with Quilt of Valor

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  This Is Carolina: 2-year-old with spinal deficiency hopes for service dog

  This is Carolina: First graders full of love on Valentine’s Day

  This Is Carolina: WWII veteran, wife’s love stays strong through better or worse

  This is Carolina: Middle School club exemplifies inclusion, love ahead of Special Olympics

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  This is Carolina: Locals celebrate Carolina tradition with sixth annual Taste of the Marshwalk

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  This is Carolina: Trooper Bob talks candidly on humble roots, hard work, emojis and what’s next

WMBF News had no choice but to invite South Carolina Highway Patrol’s Lt. Bob Beres, known as “Trooper Bob,” to the station after hearing of his retirement.

  This is Carolina: Election day is ‘like Christmas’ for three generations of family

The polling place may be a quiet place, but one family’s presence there is loud.

  This Is Carolina: New sailing program serves as alternative therapy for veterans

A new program is setting sail in South Carolina’s waters, it’s called ‘Operation Vet Sail’.

  This Is Carolina: ‘The Gingerbread Ladies’ trade candy canes for pumpkins to compete on Food Network

Millions of people will celebrate Halloween with costumes, candy, haunted houses and movies on the 31st of October.