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You Need to Have a Lawyer on Your Side to Protect Your Rights...

All too often people think they can handle encounters with law enforcement on their own. This is normally a very big, and potentially devastating, mistake. If a law enforcement officer or detective requests to talk with you – even if you have not been formally arrested and charged with a crime – we strongly advise you to hire a criminal defense lawyer immediately. Even if you do not think you should be a suspect, if law enforcement wants to talk to you, you most likely are at least a person of interest to them.

After a crime has been committed, the State is under incredible pressure to solve the case.

The public needs to feel safe; the criminal must be captured; the victim deserves justice. Investigators immediately begin to talk to eye witnesses, collect forensic evidence, speak with the victim, interview potential suspects, and so on. The investigation has one main goal: identify a suspect and make an arrest as quickly as possible so the case can be closed.

Once the person suspected or accused of a crime is in police custody, investigators are expert at obtaining a "confession." They will inform the person that he or she has the right to have a lawyer present and then in the same breath get the person to waive that right and other constitutional rights. Invariably, the most damaging evidence against the person who talks to law enforcement without a lawyer present is his or her own testimony. If you have been arrested or if you think you may be a suspect in an ongoing investigation, do not assume that you can handle things on your own.

Please contact one of our criminal defense lawyers as soon as possible to schedule an appointment to discuss your case. We are ready to protect your rights, and you can rest assured that all information about what may have occurred is kept strictly confidential.

Never delay in contacting an attorney if you believe that criminal charges have been or are going to be filed against you. There are several critical stages early on in a case that cannot be overlooked and having an attorney represent you is essential. Please take a look below at the legal issues we can assist with.
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