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Going green. Conserving energy. Becoming eco-friendly. Recycling waste. Reducing your carbon footprint. Regardless of how you describe it, it's a national movement that can't be ignored. And unlike most trends, our community's commitment to living, working and playing while minimizing our impact on the environment is here to stay.

To that end, your Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce is making a commitment to connect businesses to resources to help companies implement green thinking in their day-to-day operations and employees' lifestyles at work and in the community. The chamber also is embarking on a process to become more environmentally sound as an organization.

Going green is not a new practice for Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce - it's been part of the company's business practices for close to 15 years. Like most small businesses, going green for MBACC meant taking small steps over the years. Aluminum cans were collected for donations and recycling and soon other recyclables were added to the mix: cardboard, printer cartridges, plastic and paper. MBACC also is a Santee Cooper Green Power Partner with 15 blocks or 2.65 percent of our total annual billing amount being reinvested into future developments of additional renewable resources or Green Power facilities.

As we look to step up our conservation efforts, MBACC is working with Fisher Recycling on recycling efforts. One simple act is adding more recycling bins throughout the chamber offices to encourage staff, along with visitors and members, to recycle their beverage cans and water bottles.

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