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I have always been a little scared to go to the eye doctor, so as a result I only go when I notice I can't see as clearly anymore instead of going for routine checkups like I should. I had not had my vision checked in about 3 years so I knew it was time to go. Dr. Tully at South Strand Eye Associates made me feel so comfortable that I now don't mind going to the Eye Doctor. Their new facility is so clean and everyone is so nice that it's one doctor visit I don't mind, and I can see clearly again with the help of my new Polo frames.

Francie Baldwin, Myrtle Beach SC

After a car accident I developed acute double vision that had no explanation according to a head ct and other examinations. For some reason whenever I looked to my left I would see double with my vision double top to bottom. It was like I would see two of the same scene just one higher than the other. Dr. Tully was able to diagnose my situation as being caused by one over active muscle in my right eye. After her diagnosis and recommendation to a specialist in Charleston, I was able to have corrective surgery to correct my vision! Dr. Tully is my eye doctor and my wife's eye doctor. If you need your eyes checked, then I recommend you let Dr. Tully check them!

Jon Jones, Surfside Beach SC

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