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What is RSS? (Really Simple Syndication)
RSS is an easy way to keep you automatically up to date on websites you like to visit regularly. Instead of having to go to each website separately to see new stories, you can use RSS to view them easily in one application or program.

WMBF News now offers RSS feeds (or channels) for major sections, for example News, Entertainment, Sports, etc. Most of the major online news sites, and many other types of sites offer RSS feeds as a way for you to easily get updated information.

How can I make use of RSS?
RSS Readers display the information from RSS feeds on your computer. WMBF News has done the work for you. Download our FREE RSS reader and start using this technology.

Once you have the RSS Reader, you only have to choose which RSS feeds you want.

How do I get a News Reader?

Click here for your free RSS reader. Get yours today!

How can I sign up to RSS feeds from WMBF News?
Simply click your right mouse button on the links below, then select "Copy Shortcut." Open your RSS reader, and add the feed.

You'll want to customize what feeds you receive, and how often you receive them, with the setup features on the reader. You can also have the reader open continuously so you get any updates as soon as they're available, or you can launch the reader manually whenever you're ready for your daily dose of news and information.

What about other web sites?
Absolutely! Any of your favorite sites that display the RSS or XML logos like those you see below can be added to your RSS reader. No more searching and bookmarks. One place for all your content, updated as often as you like.

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