Marla Branson

Marla knew she wanted to be a meteorologist since the very first time she weather anchored her college newscast. "I was horrible, but I loved it!" she said, as she remembered her early college years. She finished her undergraduate degree in journalism from the University of Mississippi and quickly moved to Mississippi State University to earn her master's degree in meteorology. Marla proved she was ready for the job when she helped her school forecasting team bring home the championship in the University of Oklahoma Weather Challenge. "That's probably my proudest moment," she said. "We worked all year on that competition, and to be able to say I'm a national champion, is not something many Mississippi State Bulldogs can say." Marla has always wanted to live near the ocean and she has found Myrtle Beach to be a perfect fit. "You can't beat the southern hospitality and the variety of weather is amazing," Marla said. Throughout her graduate work she took a particular interest in tropical and coastal weather because she knew one day she would find her home on the beach. "The challenge of forecasting coastal weather is thrilling and it is something that I will always try to learn more about," Marla said. "Weather affects everyone, and it's my job to stay current on the science. I love this job! What can I say, I'm a weather nerd."

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