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Packing for Children

So you have your suitcases laid out for everyone in the family, now the question is what to bring? You already know that your whole house won't fit in the car. But no need to worry, follow these helpful hints and packing should be a breeze.

Stay organized, lists are a perfect way to keep control. Keep lists for each member of the family, this will prevent any confusion in what you have packed and what you need to pack.

For the Children:

  • Diapers
  • Diaper Bag - preferably waterproof
    - Diaper rash ointment
    - Pacifier
    - Tissues
    - Premoistened wipes
    - Travel size powder and lotion
    - Bib
    - Food: formula, water, juice, snacks, bottle, sippycup and utensils
    - Toys and books
  • Vinyl diaper wraps to prevent leaks
  • 2 blankets - one to lay on and the other to be covered with
  • Stuffed animal
  • Plastic bags to put dirty clothes in
  • Clothes: bring at least 1-2 outfits per child a day;
    - Easy to clean
    - Comfortable
    - 2 bathing suits, weather permitting and if you kids like to swim
    - Comfortable shoes (sneakers) and water shoes
  • Towels
  • Pillows, if desired
  • Travel size night light
  • Stroller, car seat
  • Portable crib, if hotel does not meet specifications
  • Camera and film
  • Disposable camera for your children to use
  • Empty back-pack for day trips and outings
  • Toiletries
    - Travel size to take up less space
    - Keep in a plastic bag to prevent leakage on clothes
  • Soccer ball, Frisbee, and/or jump rope to play with during rest stops

You may think that you need everything but if you are really crunched for space, don't pack anything that you can buy at your destination. Maybe you really don't need that 100 pack of diapers, 24 might suffice for the beginning of your travel. 

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