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Childproof Your Hotel

Before you leave for the long awaited vacation you've been dreaming about, be prepared for childproofing your hotel room. Just because you're going on a vacation doesn't mean that your responsibilities are on a vacation too!

Just use your common sense when planning to childproof your hotel room. Think of the room as a smaller version of your home, taking the same precautions. But before you leave, call your hotel to see if childproofing equipment is available at your hotel. If not, be equipped with all the essentials to do it yourself.

When you arrive at the hotel, give the room a good inspection. Take notice of  all the potential dangers for a child. You may want to even get down on your hands and knees and view the room from your child's point of view. Look carefully at the floor, are there any staples or tacks lingering around?

Once you have inspected the room take some time to make your adjustments.

The Basics

  • Move furniture away from the windows
  • Furniture needs to be stable and sturdy to avoid tipping over
  • Knobs should be tight so your children will not remove them (and put them in their mouths)
  • Make sure that doors and windows are securely locked
  • Tie up any loose cords to prevent possible strangulation
  • Unused outlets should be properly covered
  • Tables with sharp edges should either be removed or edges should be covered, washrags are a perfect solution
  • Remove any table cloths

The Crib

  • Make sure that it is up to standards with the Consumer Product Safety Commission: slats should not be more than 23/8 inches apart
  • Remove any pillows or blankets that may cause suffocation
  • If your hotel is not up to standards, pack along your own portable crib

The Bathroom

  • Never leave your child alone in the bathroom
  • When giving your child a bath, the water should not reach more than 120 degrees F, try to keep it between 96-100 degrees
  • Unplug any electrical appliances, i.e. hairdryer, and store them in a locked drawer
  • Make sure there are decals or a non-slip mat on the bathtub floor
  • Check to see if the bathroom mat has a stable backing to prevent slips
  • Any hazardous products should be put away: mouthwash, shampoo, cosmetics

Take extra precautions when you are traveling as your family is in a new, unfamiliar environment and may need more supervision than normal.

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