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"Hero" 9-year-old credited with saving father's life

By Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield - bio | email

WINNSBORO, SC (WIS) - Could you imagine yourself being a hero at age 9? Well, that appears to be the case for 9-year-old Caleb Truesdale from Winnsboro.

Caleb is being called a hero for saving his dad's life. A few weeks back, Caleb found his diabetic dad unconscious.

"He was down, rolling on the floor and he had been down there probably about two hours," said Caleb.

So Caleb shot in to action. He tried to feed his father to help bring him back to consciousness, but was unsuccessful. "He spit it out when I tried to feed him," he said.

Caleb didn't know it at the time, but his dad's blood sugar had slipped to a dangerous level of 35. The normal range for diabetics is 80 to 120.

Panicked and worried about what might happen to his dad without help, Caleb grabbed the phone and dialed 911. [Listen to the 911 call here]

911 Dispatcher: What's your emergency?
Caleb: My dad is dying!

911 Dispatcher: What's his name?
Caleb: John Truesdale.
911 Dispatcher: John Truesdale?
Caleb: Yes, ma'am!

911 Dispatcher: So what does the house look like?
Caleb: Baby blue with gray shingles.

911 Dispatcher: Okay, we got one on the way, okay?
Caleb: Alright.

"They credited him with saving my life," said John.

Turns out John had slipped into a diabetic coma. After 11 days, he woke again and realized what his son had done and that's when Caleb Truesdale got a new nickname.

"He's my hero; my true hero. Only words I know to say it," said John.

John is now on the up and up. As for what's next for Caleb Truesdale, he starts 4th grade next week.

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