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Sites let you tattle on bad drivers, annoying neighbors and mean teachers

(NBC) - "Revenge sites" are a new and controversial class of websites where you can complain about the way you were treated or the behavior of others. is an outlet for road rage, where you can publicly shame rude, aggressive, and unsafe drivers.

License plate numbers are cataloged by state, pinned to Google Maps and posted online as a virtual hall of shame.

The postings won't result in a traffic citation, but they are stored on the site's database where previous incidents can be tracked down and presumably create a pattern that could be of interest to authorities. is a variation of that, a tell-all website that boasts being the first real estate search engine of its kind, helping you find troublesome neighbors before you sign the paperwork on your new house, condo or apartment.

You can search by address, post a report or check out a street. There's even video, rotten media, documenting the complaints.

And is geared toward parents and students to compare and complain about teachers, homework, discipline and classroom behavior.

You can search by school, teacher name and state.

Critics of these sites say they can be used to easily and unfairly to target innocent people. Site backers say those singled out can post their rebuttals.

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