South Carolina lawmakers say they are ready to tackle important issues

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The 123rd South Carolina General Assembly convened Tuesday.

Lawmakers said there are plenty of issues that need fixing. They are ready to get back to work.

Education is the hot topic right now. Lawmakers believe this cannot sit on the back burner any longer.

On the House side of things, Representatives know this is going to be a busy session.

Hundreds of bills were prefilled. Some of them concerning education reform and teacher pay.

This is something House Minority Leader Representative J. Todd Rutherford said needs to be addressed. He believes poor education can lead to big problems down the road. “If our children aren’t educated corporations don’t want to come here. If our children aren’t educated they become a burden on our system. We need to make sure that doesn’t happen,” he said.

Rep. Rutherford also said he wants South Carolina’s workforce to be ready. “We need to make they pursue higher education. As they look to do other things they can still in South Carolina. When they graduate they can get good jobs because they have a great education."

Other issues lawmakers said they want to focus on tax reform, new voting machines, the opioid epidemic, mental health, and Santee Cooper.

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