Satanic Temple sets up statue inside the Illinois State Capitol

It’s called the Snaketivity

Satanic Temple sets up statue inside the Illinois State Capitol

SPRINGFIELD, IL (WICS/CNN/RNN) — There is a new statue in the Illinois State Capitol building and it isn’t a Nativity scene, Christmas tree or a menorah.

The Satanic Temple-Chicago Chapter just put up its own display - a statue of an outstretched hand holding an apple with a serpent wrapped around the wrist.

The plaque reads: "Knowledge is the greatest gift."

"I don't see a problem with it," Wayne Rovey said. "It seems like it's a part of the freedom of speech and it doesn't project a bad message."

An Instagram post from the group hailed the display.

“Fill your eyes and ears with Satanic holiday cheer!” it said. “The Snaketivity is here!”

The Satanic Temple-Chicago Chapter said its organization aims to encourage kindness and understanding among all people.

Despite the message the satanic organization said it’s trying to get out to the public, some people aren't buying it.

"I suppose it is their free speech rights to do that, so I can't deny that. But do I agree with it? Absolutely not," Garret Moffett said. "I can't disagree with the statement in itself but when it's coming from a satanic or a cult group, my response would be that everything about Satan is a lie."

While some people recognize the freedom of expression, others don't agree with it.

"I think it's inappropriate because it's not something that should be displayed for a lot of people to be offended by," Shellie Berg said. "I would be offended by that myself."

The Illinois Secretary of State’s office said it strongly supports the First Amendment. The statue will remain up through the end of the month.

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