Developers hope to bring a new residential neighborhood to North Myrtle Beach

Developers hope to bring new residential neighborhood to North Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - At its last meeting, North Myrtle Beach City Council recently tabled the second reading of an ordinance to amend the Town Center area in the Barefoot Resort Planned Development District.

Developers submitted a proposal to revise a portion of the Town Center area near the Intracoastal Waterway and the marina, across the water from Barefoot Landing.

They’re calling this project “Barefoot Cottage Village.” The nearly six-acre proposed residential project within the Barefoot Resort Planned Development District includes 274 in-common cottages and would range between around 510 to 1,292 square feet.

A 4,500 square-fott neighborhood amenity center is also included in the plans. Developers say their goal is to create a neighborhood that is affordable to “essential workers” in the community, such as first responders, teachers, medical personnel, and those looking for a second home.

Pat Dowling, North Myrtle Beach city spokesperson, said, overall, council members like the concept of the proposed project. However, there are some concerns such as affordability. He said one thing that makes this project stand out is the size.

“Five hundreed square feet isn’t very big. They generally were talking maybe starting at a minimum of 700, 750 square feet and up. They would like to see how the different sizes are laid out within the development. Are you going to have all the 500 square-foot homes in one area, and the 1,300 square-foot homes in another area? Or are they going to be threaded throughout? The developer indicated they would probably thread them throughout, but they’re looking for a visual plan that shows that. They want to see the floor plans and they want to see the landscaping plans,” said Dowling.

The proposed plans say all units would have at least two parking spots. Some council members are concerned about parking.

Dowling said the development does not include beachfront parking. So, residents in the development would not have access to the Barefoot Cabana. That means the developer would have to buy land in the third or fourth row for parking or pay an annual assessment.

According to Dowling, another possible concern council may have is the need for more commercial development in the Barefoot Resort and Golf area, instead of residential.

“It started out with a much larger commercial component. Residential development does not really pay for itself in terms of what it costs the city to provide services; it just doesn’t," Dowling said. "Commercial development is what pays the bills in any city, particularly in the tourism area. There’s far less commercial development has occurred in Barefoot Resort and Golf than was originally planned for, and that was the engine to make it all work out. So council would like to see a return to that focus before more residential is allowed.”

City council plans to hold a workshop sometime in January before the second reading to discuss plans and questions.

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