Downtown Conway businesses begin to bounce back after flooding

Downtown Conway businesses begin to bounce back after flooding

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Businesses in downtown Conway are beginning to bounce back after floodwaters forced some restaurants to shut their doors. The owner of one spot near the Conway Riverwalk said while it managed to avoid flooding, it didn’t escape impacts altogether.

Derrick Jackson, partial owner of Copper’s restaurant, said they were lucky the water didn’t reach their doors. Still, despite staying dry, the aftermath of Florence is still a challenge for their business.

Several road closures in and around downtown Conway forced the restaurant to stay closed for two days at one point because delivery trucks had trouble reaching them. Jackson said traffic issues and a dip in customers took a toll.

"We took a hit in the sense that people couldn’t get here from the traffic, and people were scared they might get in some situation they couldn’t handle and we understood that. We anticipated that and now things are self-correcting,” Jackson said.

He added that in the past week, they saw things return to 80 percent of what it considered normal and are looking forward to business picking back up.

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