People in Marlboro deal with minor flooding from Michael

Marlboro County Michael Coverage

MARLBORO COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - People in Marlboro County deal with the remnants of Tropical Storm Michael in the midst of recovering from Hurricane Florence.

Steve Akers, the county's Emergency Management Director, said various county departments started meeting a couple of days ago in anticipation of Michael. He said they made general preparations for the storm, but since this storm did not cause as much of an impact as Florence, fortunately they only needed a limited response team.

Heavy rain and strong winds occurred mostly throughout the morning into the early afternoon. Several yards were flooded mostly along Highway 38 South with a few fallen trees.

One of those yards was Claudette Hooker’s.

"I didn't think we would get quite this much water," Hooker said.

Claudette Hooker has called this area along Highway 38 South near David Circle her home for 36 years and in all those years she said she's only dealt with this kind of flooding 3 times.

"I think it happened during the 1000 year flood, last year... I mean 3 weeks ago during Florence and now this," Hooker said.

Hooker said she didn't expect any impact from Michael until Thursday, but said she was surprised when water started accumulating in her yard Wednesday morning.

"I guess because the ground was so saturated from Florence, if didn't take much water to start settling," Hooker said.

However, it's more so the wind she's worried about than the rain. Since the ground was saturated from Florence, Hooker admits she's concerned about the potential of trees toppling over nearby.

"Well I looked at the trees and I looked at the distance they were from my house and I said well it's a possibility that they would reach the house," Hooker said.

Akers said other more flood prone areas did see higher water Thursday when the rain is heavy, along with some power outages. Despite that, he said this time they were spared.

“We’re actually got lucky. The storm went far west of where the initial track was believe to be and as a result of that we have less rain and less wind. We have some flooding in lower areas that we normally do, but at this particular time things are looking pretty good,” Akers said.

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